Links to You Tube videos of CWRT presentations

Many of the Civil War Roundtable of Chicago meeting are recorded and available on YouTube.
Click here to see the full list of recorded presentations by noted US Civil War authors and historians.

Links to selected CWRT presentations:

January 2016 David Moore on: William S. Rosecrans

December 2015 Dave Keller on: Camp Douglas
September 2015 Dale Phillips on: The Capture of New Orleans
June 2015 Garry Adelman on: 4D Civil War Photography Extravaganza
May 2015 Eric Leonard on: Cartel, Code, and Consequences at Andersonville
April 2015 Michael Burlingame on: The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
March 2015 Tom Huntington on: My Search for George Gordon Meade
February 2015 Leslie Goddard on: Gone With the Wind and Civil War Memory

December 2014 Jim Ogden on: The Fight at Reed's Bridge
November 2014 Steve Towne on: How Army Intelligence Foiled Confederate Plots in Chicago
October 2014 Mark Bradley on: Hooker, O.O. Howard and the Atlanta Campaign
September 2014 Frank Varney on: General Grant and the Rewriting of History
August 2014 Lance Herdegen on: Gettysburg: A Fight for the Colors
June 2014 Kenneth Noe on: The War In Appalachia
May 2014 David F. Bastian on: Grant's Canal
April 2014 Scott Bowden on: Last Chance for Victory
March 2014 Barnhart/Eickhoff on: Price's 1864 Raid
February 2014 Harold Knudsen on: Gen James Longstreet
January 2014 Robert Girardi on: The Murder of General William "Bull" Nelson

December 2013 Ken Weddle on: Lincoln's Tragic Admiral
November 2013 Larry Hewitt on: Nevins-Freeman Address
October 2013 William Cooper on: "We have the War Upon Us"
September 2013 John Michael Priest on: South Mountain
May 2013 Ethan Rafuse on: Lee and Gettysburg
April 2013 John Fitzpatrick on: President Lincoln at Gettysburg
March 2013 Leslie Goddard as Mary Chestnut
January 2013 David Powell on: Confederate Calvary at Chickamauga

December 2012 Dale Phillips on: The Red River Campaign
November 2012 Tom Clemens on: Antietam as You've Never Heard It
October 2012 Edward Bonekemper on: Lincoln and Grant
May 2012 Dennis on: "September Surprise"
March 2012 Will Greene on: Bermuda Hundreds Campaign
January 2012 Parker Hills on: Chickamauga Chattanooga Campaign

December 2011 James "Bud" Robertson on: The Untold Civil War
November 2011 Gail Stephens on: Jubal Early Shenandoah Valley Campaign
October 2011 Nora Titon on: My Thoughts be Bloody