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Feb. 3rd, Northern Illinois CWRT: Mary Abroe on "Civil War Centennial: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Bounds of Selective Memory"
Feb. 4th, Two Old Goats in Cedar Lake: Bill Mitchell on "Lincoln and the Constitution"
Feb. 6th, Rockford CWRT: David Dixon, "Emotions and Allegiance: Augustus Wright and Civil War Loyalty"
Feb. 10th, Chicago CWRT: Charlie Knight on "Robert E. Lee"
Feb. 18th, Salt Creek CWRT: Paul Wood on "General Lee's War"
Feb. 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Harold Knudsen on "James Longstreet and the Civil War"
Feb. 23rd, South Suburban CWRT: Larry Korczyk on "Gettysburg"
Mar. 3rd, Northern Illinois CWRT: Rob Girardi on TBA
Mar. 4th, Two Old Goats in Cedar Lake: Bruce Allardice on "The Election of 1864"
Mar. 6th, Rockford CWRT: Kevin Levin, "The Myth of the Black Confederate Solider"
Mar. 10th, Chicago CWRT: Dwight Hughes on "Unlike Anything That Ever Floated"
Mar. 18th, Lake County Genealogical Society: Bruce Allardice on "Conscription and the Civil War"
Mar. 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Eric Wittenberg on "Seceding from Secession"
Mar. 23rd, South Suburban CWRT: Gail Stevens on "Lew Wallace at Shiloh"
Apr. 3rd, Rockford CWRT: Stanley Campbell, "The Abolitionists"
Apr. 7th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Michael Wynne on "The Real Story of the Rock Island POW Camp" (zoom only)
Apr. 14th, Chicago CWRT: Richard Holloway on "The Red River Campaign"
Apr. 18th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Charles Knight on "From Arlington to Appomattox"
Apr. 27th, South Suburban CWRT: Gordon Ramsey on "The Role of Music in the Civil War"
May 1st, Rockford CWRT: Brad Gottfried, "Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg, Part 2: Lincoln's 25 Hours in Gettysburg"
May 5th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Wayne Rhine on "The Kearsarge"
May 12th, Chicago CWRT: Sean Michael Chick on "Grant's Left Hook: The Bermuda Hundred Campaign"
May 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Frank Varney on "U. S. Grant and the Rewriting of History"
May 18th, South Suburban CWRT: Brian Conroy on "Little Egypt's Civil War: The 31st Illinois and 15th Tennessee at Shiloh"
June 2nd, Northern Illinois CWRT: David Zarefsky on "The Strategy of Lincoln's First Inaugural Address"
June 1st, Rockford CWRT: John Cox, "Ulysses S. Grant: From Appomattox to the White House and After"
June 9th, Chicago CWRT: Mark Zimmerman on "Mud, Blood and Cold Steel"
June 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Steve Cowie on "When Hell Came to Sharpsburg"
July 3rd, Rockford CWRT: Steven Acker, "The Battle of Gettysburg As Told Through Its Monuments"
July 18th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Steve Knowlton on "13 Months in Dixie"
Aug. 7th, Rockford CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "The Election of 1864"
Aug. 15th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: TBA
Sept. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Al Olives on "The Boy Generals. George Custer, Wesley Merritt and the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac"
Sept. 11th, Rockford CWRT: General George Meade Impersonator David Eiselle, "General Meade: Decision at Gettysburg"
Sept. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Dave Eisele on "General George Meade"
Oct. 2nd, Rockford CWRT: Nicole Etcheson, "The Impact of the Civil War on Suffrage"
Oct. 13th, Chicago CWRT: Carleton Young
Nov. 6th, Rockford CWRT: Robert Evans, TBD
Nov. 10th, Chicago CWRT: Ernest Dollar
Dec. 4th, Rockford CWRT: Robert Girardi, "Stonewall Jackson"
Dec. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Scott Mingus
Jan. 12th, 2024, Chicago CWRT: Pat and Dylan Brennan
Feb. 9th, Chicago CWRT: Harold Knudsen
Mar. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Chris Bryan
April 12th, Chicago CWRT: Steve Knowlton
May 10th, Chicago CWRT: Lynn and Julianne Herman
June 14th, Chicago CWRT: Tim Smith ( Nevins-Freeman)

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