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Mar. 28th, South Suburban CWRT: Dennis Doyle on "11th New York Light Artillery at Gettysburg"
April 1st, Rock Valley CWRT: Stanley Campbell on "Money and Banking in the Civil War"
April 5th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Larry Hewitt on "Port Hudson in Photos"
April 9th, McHenry County CWRT: Bob Grenier on "Central Florida's Civil War Veterans"
April 9th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: Matt Van Acker on "Lansing and the Civil War"
April 12th, Chicago CWRT: Will Greene on "The Cracker Line in the Battle of Chattanooga"
April 13th, Salt Creek CWRT: Diana Dretske on "The Bonds of War: the 96th Illinois"
April 14th, Northwest Indiana CWRT: Dan Van Haften on "Lincoln and the Structure of Reason"
April 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Father Bob Miller on "Forgotten Victims of Disease at Vicksburg"
April 20th, DuPage Civil War Memorabilia Show
April 25th, South Suburban CWRT: Phil Spaugy on "The 19th Indiana"
May 3rd, Northern Illinois CWRT: Jon Sebastian on "When Draftees Did Their Duty: Four Months in the 51st Illinois Infantry"
May 6th, Rock Valley CWRT: Dave Oberg on "Battery H, 1st Illinois Light Artillery"
May 10th, Chicago CWRT: Lynn and Julianne Herman on "The Allegheny Arsenal Explosion"
May 14th, McHenry County CWRT: Ed Urban on "Charles Rivers Ellet, the Queen of the West and the USS Indianola"
May 14th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: TBA
May 16th, South Suburban CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Loose Lips: Secrecy in the Civil War"
May 18th, Salt Creek CWRT: Bob Presman in "God is on Our Side: Religion in the Civil War"
May 19th, Northwest Indiana CWRT: Doug Dammann on "If a Collection Could Talk"
May 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Brian Conroy on "Little Egypt in The Civil War"
June 3rd, Rock Valley CWRT: Bob Pressman on "Religion in the Civil War"
June 7th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Diana Dretske on "The Bonds of War: the 96th Illinois"
June 11th, McHenry County CWRT: Bob Pressman on "John Brown, Hero or Terrorist? Martyr or Madman?"
June 11th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: TBA
June 14th, Chicago CWRT: Tim Smith (Nevins-Freeman Award) on "Vicksburg"
June 18th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Steve Alban on "The Election of 1860"
July 1st, Rock Valley CWRT: Bjorn Skaptason "Illinois Light Artillery Batteries at the Battle of Atlanta"
July 9th, McHenry County CWRT: Jerry Allen on "And Then He was a Lion: Major General James Steedman"
July 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Diana Dretske on "The Bonds of War: the 96th Illinois"
Aug. 5th, Rock Valley CWRT: Rob Girardi on "Civil War Engineers"
Aug. 13th, McHenry County CWRT: TBD
Aug. 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Dennis Doyle on "Illinois Regiments at Gettysburg"
Sept. 6th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Leslie Goddard, topic TBA
Sept. 9th, Rock Valley CWRT: Dwight Hughes on "The Battle of Hampton Roads"
Sept. 10th, McHenry County CWRT: Rob Girardi on "Rank Discord"
Sept. 13th, Chicago CWRT: Jim Hessler on "Dan Sickles"
Sept. 17th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: John Hopkins on "The Gettysburg Reunion of 1913"
Sept. 21st, DuPage Civil War Memorabilia Show
Oct. 4th, Northern Illinois CWRT: TBA
Oct. 7th, Rock Valley CWRT: TBA
Oct. 8th, McHenry County CWRT: Don Hatch on "Custer, His Rebel Buddy, Harpers Ferry and John Yates Beall"
Oct. 11th, Chicago CWRT: Larry Hewitt on "The Birth of Combat Photography"
Oct. 15th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Alex Rossino on "Calamity at Fredericksburg"
Nov. 1st, Northern Illinois CWRT: Doug Stiles on "Lincoln's Watch"
Nov. 4th, Rock Valley CWRT: Douglas Egerton on "Thunder at the Gates"
Nov. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Kent Masterson Brown on TBA
Nov. 12th, McHenry County CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "'Loose Lips;' Military Secrecy in the Civil War"
Dec. 2nd, Rock Valley CWRT: Dan Weinberg on "Dealing in Historical Artifacts"
Dec. 6th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Dave Oberg on "The 1st Illinois Light Artillery"
Dec. 10th, McHenry County CWRT: Derrick Lindow on "Partisan Warfare in Western Kentucky in 1862" (zoom only)
Dec. 13th, Chicago CWRT: Jon Sebastian on TBA
Dec. 17th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Chuck Rebesco on "Last Man Standing--20th Indiana at Gettysburg"
Jan. 3rd, 2025: Northern Illinois CWRT: Gordon Ramsey on "Civil War Music"
Jan. 10th, 2025 Chicago CWRT: Brian Butka on "Col. Albert Myer, Founder of the Signal Corps"
Feb. 14th, Chicago CWRT: Hampton Newsome on "Gettysburg's Southern Front"
Mar. 14th, Chicago CWRT: Gerry Prokopowicz on TBA
Apr. 12th, Chicago CWRT: Peter Carmichael on "War and the Common Soldier"
May 9th, Chicago CWRT: Steve Phan on TBA
June 13th, Chicago CWRT: Dave Powell (Nevins-Freeman Award) on TBA

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House Divided Series
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