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With the Government-ordered shutdowns, people should check with the sponsoring organization as to whether the event has been cancelled, and/or whether the event will be broadcast on Zoom.

July 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Could the Confederacy Have Won the War and Gained Its Independence?""
Aug. 17th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Sam Hood on "Patriots Twice"
Aug. 26th, South Suburban CWRT: Phil Angelo on "The Battle for Fort Donelson"
Sept. 10th, Chicago CWRT: Eric Wittenberg on TBD
Sept. 17th, Salt Creek CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Lincoln as War Leader"
Sept. 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Don Allison on "Ghosts of Gettysburg"
Sept. 23rd, South Suburban CWRT: Steve LaBarre on "Chicago's Black Soldiers in the Civil War"
Oct. 8th, Chicago CWRT: David Dixon on "August Willich"
Oct. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Mark Pohlad on "Lincoln in American Art"
Oct. 23rd, Salt Creek CWRT: Rob Girardi on "Chicago's Memory of the Civil War"
Oct. 28th, South Suburban CWRT: Don McArthur on "The 8th Illinois Cavalry"
Nov. 12th, Chicago CWRT: Tom Clemens on "Joseph K. Mansfield"
Nov. 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Rick Shaus on "Lee is Trapped"
Nov. 18th, South Suburban CWRT: Dennis Doyle on "Irish Brigade at Gettysburg"
Nov. 19th, Salt Creek CWRT: David Keller on "Command at Antietam"
Dec. 10th, Chicago CWRT: Dennis Doyle on "Illinois Regiments at Gettysburg"
Dec. 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Tom Emery on "Moments in Lincoln's Life"
Dec. xx, South Suburban CWRT: Holiday Party

Jan. 11th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Dave Powell on "The Shenandoah Valley in the Civil War"
Jan. 14th, Chicago CWRT: Jen Murray on "General Meade"
Jan. 27th, South Suburban CWRT: Jim Hessler on "General Sickles"
Feb. 11th, Chicago CWRT: Ann Durkin Keating on "Juliette Kinzie, the Civil War, and the Making of Chicago"
Feb. 15th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: David Dixon on "The Civil War as a Radical International Revolution"
Feb. 24th, South Suburban CWRT: Jen Murray on "General Meade"
March 11th, Chicago CWRT: Mark Laubacher on "The USS Red Rover: Hospital of Firsts"
March 15th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Neil Chatelein on "Defending the Arteries of Rebellion"
March 24th, South Suburban CWRT: Eric Linblade on "The 26th North Carolina"
Apr. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Jeffrey Hunt on "Meade and Lee at Rappahannock Station and Mine Run"
Apr. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Ken Rutherford on "America's Buried History: Landmines in the Civil War"
Apr. 28th, South Suburban CWRT: Gordon Dammann on "Civil War Medicine"
May 13th, Chicago CWRT: Dr. Thomas Carson on "Lincoln as Moral Exemplar"
May 17th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Mark Bielski on "The Fall of New Orleans: A Mortal Blow to the Confederacy"
May 19th, South Suburban CWRT: Brian Conroy on "Little Egypt's Civil War'
June 10th, Chicago CWRT: Lauren Szady on TBD
June 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Jerry Wooten on "The Battle of Johnsonville"
July 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Derek Maxfield on "Hellmira"
Aug. 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Charles Knight on "From Arlington to Appomattox--Civil War Day by Day"
Sept. 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Eric Wittenberg on "Seceding from Secession"

Speakers Bureau
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Bjorn Skaptason at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop reminds us of their series of Virtual Book Signings. For more information on these and upcoming events, visit Virtual Book Signing or Abraham Lincoln Bookshop.

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