2016 Battlefield Tour - Shenandoah Valley 1864
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Apr. 27th, South Suburban CWRT: Charlie Banks on "Civil War Military Railroads"
Apr. 29th, Du Page County Fairgrounds: Chicagoland Civil War and Military Extravaganza
May 3rd, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Jeff Davis's Colonels"
May 5th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Dan Joseph on "The 82nd Illinois"
May 9th, McHenry County CWRT: Steve Fratt on "Civil War Tactics and Combat"
May 11th, Lake County CWRT: "Funeral Practices of the Civil War"
May 12th, Chicago CWRT: Connie Hansen presents a "First Person Portrayal of Jennie Wade's Mother"
May 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Tom Ryan on "Spies, Secrets and Scouts at Gettysburg"
May 18th, South Suburban CWRT: Bob Kuzma on "Will County During the Civil War"
May 19th, Salt Creek CWRT: Rev. Robert J. Miller on “For God, Church, and Country: Catholic Civil War Chaplains”
June 2nd, Northern Illinois CWRT: Wayne Motts on "The National Civil War Museum"
June 9th, Chicago CWRT: Don Sender on "Untold Facts of the Custer Debacle"
June 13th, McHenry County CWRT: Greg Biggs on "Nashville: Siren Song of the Confederacy"
June 16th, Salt Creek CWRT: Annual Banquet: Max Daniels and R.J. Lindsey present “Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt: Two War Presidents”
June 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Dave Eisele as "General Lee at Gettysburg"
July 11th, McHenry County CWRT: Show and Tell
July 18th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Robert Dunkerly on "The Confederate Surrender at Greensboro"
Aug. 8th, McHenry County CWRT: Frank Crawford on "The Palmyra Massacre"
Aug. 15th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Ron Coddington on "Confederate Photography"
Sept. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Ed Bonekemper on "False Remembrance of the Civil War, The Myth of the Lost Cause"
Sept. 12th, McHenry County CWRT: Gene Salecker on "Ruben Hatch"
Sept. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Dave Dixon on "The Lost Gettysburg Address"
Sept. 23rd, Du Page County Fairgrounds: Chicagoland Civil War and Military Extravaganza
Oct. 10th, McHenry County CWRT: Jerry Allen on "Wisconsin--Hotbed of Secession?"
Oct. 13th, Chicago CWRT: Dave Powell on "Chickamauga"
Oct. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Dan Lee on "The Civil War in the Jackson Purchase"
Nov. 10th, Chicago CWRT: Tom Clemens on "Antietam"
Nov. 14th, McHenry County CWRT: Doug Dammann on "Elmer Ellsworth and the Zouave Cadets"
Nov. 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Steve Worsham on "Collecting the Civil War"
Dec. 8th, Chicago CWRT: David Dixon on "Lost Gettsyburg Address"
Dec. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Doug Dammann on "Elmer Ellsworth and the Zouaves"

Jan. 12th, 2018. Chicago CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "The Battle of Ezra Church"
Jan. 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Bjorn Skaptason on "Ambrose Bierce at Shiloh"
Feb. 9th, Chicago CWRT: Larry Hewitt on "Confederate general"
Feb. 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Brian Sokolosky on "The Battle of Wise's Forks"
Mar. 9th, Chicago CWRT: Robert Jenkins on "Peach Tree Creek"
Mar. 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Brian Dirck on "Lincoln in Indiana"
Apr. 13th, Chicago CWRT: John Marszalek, Nevins-Freeman Address
Apr. 17th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Dave Schultz on "The Union and Confederate Artillery at Pickett's Charge"
May 11th, Chicago CWRT: Joseph Rose on "Grant Under Fire"
May 15th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Sherman's March: War Crime or Military Necessity?"
June 8th, Chicago CWRT: TBD
June 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Marc Smith on "The Battles of Averasboro and Fayetteville"

Speakers Bureau
Looking for a good presentation on the Civil War for your library, school, historical society, or civic group? The Coalition of CWRTs of Northern Illinois has put together a Speakers Bureau to help you find one.

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Virtual Book Signing
Bjorn Skaptason at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop reminds us of their series of Virtual Book Signings. For more information on these and upcoming events, visit Virtual Book Signing or Abraham Lincoln Bookshop.


  • Paula Walker and Rob Girardi have published their biography of General Gouverneur K. Warren, "The Soldiers' General: Major General Gouverneur K. Warren and the Civil War".

  • Bruce Allardice and Wayne Wolf's new book, "Two Years Before the Paddlewheel Charles F. Gunther, Mississippi River Confederate" was published December of 2012.

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