2019 Battlefield Tour - Vicksburg Campaign, May 2-5, 2019
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Nov. 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Jody Giesburg on "Sex in the Civil War"
Nov. 28th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Dave Mathis on "Joshua Chamberlain"
Dec. 5th, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Don Chamberlain on "Civil War Ironclads and Naval Battles"
Dec. 7th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Ed Bearss on "Remembering Illinois' Civil War Heroes"
Dec. 14th, Chicago CWRT: David Hirsch and Dan Van Haften on "Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason"
Dec. 18th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Steve Magnusen on "To My Best Girl: Courage, Honor and Love in the Civil War"
Dec. 20th, South Suburban CWRT: Holiday Party, at Aurelio's in Frankfort

Jan. 2nd, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Debate on the Legality of Secession
Jan. 4th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Charlie Banks on "The Chesepeake and Ohio Canal During the Civil War"
Jan. 8th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: George Peers on "A Visit to Old Appomattox"
Jan. 11th, Chicago CWRT: Bjorn Skaptasan on "Henry Morton Stanley at Shiloh"
Jan. 15th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Don White on "Women of the Civil War"
Jan. 16th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Drew Jessen on "The Flag on the Hilltop"
Jan. 24th, South Suburban CWRT: Lester Lindley on "The Impeachment of President Johnson"
Feb. 1st, Northern Illinois CWRT: Harold Knudsen on "The Schleswig-Holstein War of 1864"
Feb. 6th., Kankakee Valley CWRT: Ray Wilson on "Ellet's Marine Brigade"
Feb. 8th, Chicago CWRT: Rob Girardi on "Gouverneur K. Warren's Last Battle"
Feb. 12th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: Gene Salecker on "The Sultana"
Feb. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Lee White on "Bushwacking on a Grand Scale: Chickamauga"
Feb. 20th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Scott Buennemeyer on "Grant's Vicksburg Campaign"
Feb. 28th, South Suburban CWRT: Michael Kirschner on "The 2nd Wisconsin"
March 1st, Northern Illinois CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Damn the Torpedoes: Hi-Tech Rebs and their Infernal Machines"
March 6th, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Phil Angelo on "Mexico and the Civil War"
March 8th, Chicago CWRT: John David Smith and Mark Larson on "Dear Delia"
March 12th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: Mira and Bruce Form on "Jews in the Civil War"
March 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Jim Pula on "Under the Crescent Moon with the XI Corps"
March 20th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Chuck Sanders on "The W. H. L. Wallace Family"
March 28th, South Suburban CWRT: Ron Larson on "Wisconsin during the Civil War"
April 3rd, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Bruce Allardice on "Charles Gunther: A Yankee in Dixie"
April 5th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Dan Patterson on "General Longstreet"
April 9th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: Matt VanAcker on "Michigan's Civil War Regimental Battle Flags"
April 12th, Chicago CWRT: Brad Gottfried on "Maps of Fredericksburg"
April 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Larry Tagg on "The Generals of Shiloh"
April 17th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Scott Wallace on "Yellow Tavern"
April 25th, South Suburban CWRT: Phil Angelo on "Mexico and the Civil War"
May 1st, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Rob Girardi on "Civil War Corps Command"
May 3rd, Northern Illinois CWRT: Rob Girardi on TBD
May 10th, Chicago CWRT: John Horn on "The Petersburg Regiment in the Civil War: the 12th Virginia"
May 14th, Southwest Michigan CWRT: Round Table discussion on "The 1864 Valley Campaign"
May 15th, Starved Rock CWRT in Ottawa: Sarah Manz on "Quilt Symbols"
May 16th, South Suburban CWRT: Dennis Doyle on "Illinois Regiments at Gettysburg"
May 21st, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: John Scales on "The Battles of Nathan Bedford Forrest"
June 5th, Kankakee Valley CWRT: Pizza Party
June 7th, Northern Illinois CWRT: Matthew Switlick on "Loomis' Battery"
June 14th, Chicago CWRT: Greg Biggs: The Nevins-Freeman Address: "Logistics for Sherman's Atlanta Campaign"
June 18th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Lance Herdegen on "Union Soldiers in the Civil War"
July 16th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Bill Teschner portrays "General Sherman"
Aug. 20th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Douglas Stiles on "Abraham Lincoln's Watch"
Sept. __, Chicago CWRT: Janet Croon on "The War Outside My Window"
Sept. 17th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Tate Masur on "They Knew Lincoln"
Oct. __, Chicago CWRT: Jim Lighthizer on "Battlefield Preservation"
Oct. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Steve Davis on "A Long and Bloody Task: The Atlanta Campaign"
Nov. __, Chicago CWRT: Ethan Rafuse on "The Valley Campaign of 1862"
Nov. 19th, Lincoln-Davis CWRT: Janet Croon on "The War Outside My Window"
Dec. __, Chicago CWRT: Dan Weinberg on "Artifacts I Have Encountered"

Jan. __, Chicago CWRT: Pam Toler on "Heroines of Mercy Sreet: Nurses in the Civil War"
Feb. __, Chicago CWRT: Connie Langum on "Wilson's Creek"
Mar. __, Chicago CWRT: David Sutherland on "VMI's Civil War Legacy"
Apr. __, Chicago CWRT: Michael Shaffer on "Recollections of the 1st Virginia Cavalry"
May. __, Chicago CWRT: Wil Greene on "The Petersburg Campaign"
June __, Chicago CWRT: Brian Wills on "George Henry Thomas"

Speakers Bureau
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