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June 9th, 2017
Don Sender:

Untold Facts of the Custer Debacle

On June 27, 1876 the nation was stunned by telegraph reports from Fort Lincoln, Nebraska Territory, that Civil War Hero George Armstrong Custer and a large part of his vaunted Seventh United States Cavalry had been massacred by renegade Indians somewhere west of the Mississippi in Wyoming Territory. Theories abounded, fed by the newspapermen of the day, suggesting in one tale that Custer had been out-witted by Sitting Bull because Sitting Bull had attended West Point incognito and was thoroughly grounded in infantry tactics. Reservation Indians and captives were thoroughly interrogated but wary of being killed or punished severely, denied their participation or said very little about their role in the fight.

For many years, various writers blamed Custer for recklessness, bad judgment, or bravado for his defeat, feeding on the derogatory ravings of a single author who seemed to delight in twisting the knife in the General- even questioning his Civil War record.

Others attacked Major Reno and Captain Benteen who, it was charged, “failed to support Custer” when the Indians surrounded him. Reno insisted on a military Court-martial to clear his name, and furnished copious amounts of hard liquor and cigars to those officers and enlisted men who waited at one of Chicago’s better hotels to testify. All generally agreed that Custer was responsible for the debacle and the surviving officers and men were heroic in their efforts to save what could be saved of the situation while they waited for the relief column to arrive.

As time passed by, Custer’s fate continued to interest anyone who had a new idea to propose and a desire to sell a book Few invested time in actual research, fewer had any military experience to draw from to form a background reference to the event.

On June 9th Don Sender will cover Custer’s Civil War record, post-war scandals regarding the Indian Bureau, the composition of the Army, bureaucratic cost cutting that caused problems with the cavalry’s weapons, training restraints, officers’ jealousies, their attitudes, and their actions in the field that would complicate the mission and almost destroy the 7th Cavalry.

Don Sender is a Member of the International Press Club of Chicago, Past President of the Salt Creek Civil War Round Table, a retired U.S. history teacher (Wheaton Dist. 200) (1994) and a retired Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve (1992). Following his retirements he worked part time as a Legislative Assistant to DuPage Republican State Senator Beverly Fawell, and as a Caseworker for Milton Township’s Emergency Assistance Program. He served as a Milton Township Trustee 2000-2004.

Although retired from teaching, he has given audio visual lectures on various historical events of 1754-2016. World War I, the career of General Custer, the Indian Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Military Intelligence, and other topics are specialties.

For our 2016-17 program year, we proudly welcome these outstanding speakers:

Sept. 9th: Steve Quick on The C.S.S. Hunley

Oct. 14th: Lance Herdegen, Nevins-Freeman Address

Nov. 11th: Dave Connon on Iowa Copperheads

Dec. 9th: Bjorn Skaptasan on Ambrose Bierce at Shiloh

Jan. 13th, 2017: Richard Sommers on Lessons in Leadership in the Petersburg Campaign

Feb. 10th: Bob O'Neil on Cavalry During the Peninsula Campaign

Mar. 10th: Paul Kahan on Simon Cameron, Lincoln's First Secretary of War

Apr. 21st: Diane Smith on Command Conflict in the Overland Campaign

May 12th: Connie Hansen presents a First Person Portrayal of Jennie Wade's mother

June 9th: Don Sender on Untold Facts of the Custer Debacle